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Here you’ll find helpful, healthful nutritional tips and recipes to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.  As someone who has lived with a spinal cord injury for 25 years, I fully understand the unique challenges you face in trying to stay healthy while living a full and active life.  One of the keys to this delicate balance is proper nutrition. After sustaining spinal damage your metabolism is significantly altered and this can contribute to the development of a host of other secondary health complications, which can negatively impact your independence.  Incorporating whole foods into your diet is an important way to help maintain your health, improve daily functioning, reduce the secondary complications that come with living with a spinal cord injury, minimize illness, and maximize your potential. 

Latest Blog Posts:

June 21, 2016

Summer is sweet in so many ways – beaches, warm sunshine, biking, golfing, ice cream, BBQ’s and cool refreshing drinks. However, depending on what you use to sweeten the later, these wonderful summer-time treats can cause bitter results.  Refined/processed sugars are s...

June 8, 2016



Summer is here and we all know it’s far too short, so time to get outside and take advantage of the warm weather and our favorite outdoor activities!  Whether you enjoy wheeling, hiking, biking, walking, water-skiing, gardening, sailing, canoeing or kayaking you’ll w...

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