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Nutrition Services, Workshops & Presentations

Fruitful Elements specializes in delivering;


  • One on one personal consultations

  • Individualized nutrition protocols 

  • Menu planning

  • Cooking workshops

  • Group presentations



Nutrition seminars provide in-depth, vital information, tips and recipes on ways people can incorporate healthy eating into their daily routine, support overall health and address many of the common secondary health conditions that they face. Presentation topics include: 


  • Nutrition: The Missing Link for SCI (or Brain Injury)

  • Better Bowel Health: Address Neurogenic Bowel through Nutrition

  • Better Bladder Health: Address Neurogenic Bladder through Nutrition

  • Pressure Sore Prevention

  • Weight Wise Meals

  • Boost Your Energy

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Nutrition for Brain Health

  • Balance Your Blood Sugars: Help Prevent Diabetes

  • Protect Your Joints: Address/Prevent Arthritis through Nutrition

  • Healthy Fats for Optimal Cardiovascular Function

  • Bone Building Foods

  • Liver Loving Nutrients: Protecting Your Liver from Side Effects of Medications

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