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Keep It Simple!

People often assume that eating well is complicated and time consuming. It’s actually quite the opposite. Sticking to basic, whole fresh foods is an easy, healthy and flavourful way to eat. When I travelled to Greece, I absolutely loved the simplicity of the diet – which studies repeatedly demonstrate is one of the healthiest in the world. Fresh fish, hearty legumes, savoury feta cheese, plump tomatoes, olive oil and creamy yogurt are some of culinary staples – the last item in particular has multiple health benefits for those of us with SCI.

Good health starts with a healthy digestive system. A SCI however significantly compromises digestive and bowel function leading to issues such as chronic bloating, gas and constipation. An easy, enjoyable and highly effective way to support your gut health and help prevent these issues from occurring is to simply incorporate yogurt into your diet several times a week. Yogurt contains probiotics (good bacteria) which actually enhance the digestion of nutrients and support peristalsis (the involuntary muscular contraction that propels matter through the intestines). These good bacteria also help boost the immune system (which is also compromised after SCI), detoxify the body and play an important role in hormone balance.

I indulged in this wonder of wellbeing twice a day for my entire trip – every morning for breakfast with fresh fruit and every afternoon as a dip with vegetables. The yogurt recipe below can be enjoyed as a dip with fresh vegetables or whole grain pita, as a salad dressing or sauce for grilled chicken. Simply delicious!


Welcome to the Blog!

The blog will share nutritional tips, with a focus on health issues that affect people with disabilities & ways to use nutrition to improve these issues. It will also include lots of tasty easy to make recipes!
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